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China Feetech 2022 Newest 12V 20KG.CM full metal case steel gear Brushless Motor 360 Magnetic coding Small Serial Bus Servo manufacturer

Gender: Unisex
Age Assortment: 14 Several years & up
Style: Battery Operated Toy, Diy TOY, Educational Toy, Model TOY
Substance: Metal
Perform: controller
Scale: 1:five
Model Variety: STS3571BL-C001
robot chassis: Chassis Kit
Measurement: 40X20X40mm
Excess weight: 89± 1g
Equipment kind: 1/188
Limit angle: No Limiter
Connector wire (Provide OEM): 15CM
Command signal: Bus Packet Interaction RS485
Protocol Kind: Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Interaction
Comments: Load,Place, Velocity, Input Voltage,Present,Temperature
Motor: Brushless motor
Working Voltage Variety: 12V
Packaging Details: Present packing

Product NameFeetech 2571 Latest 12V 20KG.CM entire steel scenario metal gear Brushless Motor 360 Magnetic coding Modest Serial Bus Servo
Model NoSTS3571BL-C001
PackagePaper box

  • STS3571BL Feetech 2571 Most recent 12V 20KG.CM full metal circumstance steel equipment Brushless Motor 360 Magnetic coding Little Serial Bus Servo
  • Feetech wise servo is especially created for programs that demand a whole lot of sturdy and intricate actuation, this kind of as humanoid robots, hexapod robots, and robotic arms. these servos are capable of 360°continuous rotation whilst even now providing position handle in excess of an successful variety of 360°. RS485 4P interface that is used to configure and handle the servo and get feedback about position, pace, Plastic injection mould parts customized processing services goods Abdominal muscles shell injection molding and temperature. A number of servos can be daisy-chained on the identical serial bus.
    Operating Voltage12V
    No Load Speed0.059sec/60°(170RPM)
    Running Recent ( no load)380mA
    Torque (at locked)
    Stall Recent (at locked)4.4A
    Idle Present (at stopped)6mA
    Input Voltage6V-12V
    Rated Recent1500mA
    Terminal resistance1.75Ω
    Limit AngleNo limit
    Case substanceAluminium
    Gear materialSteel
    Bearing kindBall bearings
    Angle SansorType12Bits Magnetic Coding
    LifeNo limite
    Connector and CableTypePH2.-3P
    Pin Definition1GND
    The Bodyweight89± 1g
    Horn Sort25T/OD5.9mm
    Gear Ratio1/188
    Back Lash≦0.5°
    The rocker phantom
    The rocker screwM3X6
    MotorBrushless Motor
    Command SignDigital Packet
    Protocol TypeHalf Duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication8bit, 1stop, No Parity
    ID selection0-253Customizable
    Communication Baud Charge38400bps ~ 1 MbpsCustomizable
    Control AlgorithmPIDCustomizable
    Neutral Situation180°(2048)
    Running degree360°(when 0~4096)
    Resolution [deg/pulse]0.088°(360°/4096)
    Rotating DirectionClockwise(0→4096)Customizable
    FeedbackLoad, Placement, Good good quality spherical linear guidebook rail SBR20L1000 with block SBR20UU SBR20LUU for CNC elements Speed, Input Voltage,Current,Temperature
    Details Images High Precision All Metal Gear Use Substantial-Precision Metal Gears Imported From ZheJiang ,To Guarantee Servo Gears Of Hight Toughness AndSmooth OperationHigh Precision Magnetic EncodingRobot Servo Use twelve Bits Large Precision Magnetic Encoder To Evaluate The Placement,Servo Output Shaft Can Ongoing Rotation,And The Movement Torque Output Up To 80kg.cmServo Management Technological innovation Robotic Servo Adopts Sophisticated Servo Contechnology And High-Speed 32-little bit ARM Microprocessor,Quick Response speed,Correct Positioning With out Shaking Product Use Associated Merchandise Packing&Shipping Packing:-Servo×1PCS -Servo arm with screw setX1bag -PE Bag or Giftbox-1pcs/bag or box Organization Introduction HangZhou Feetech RC Model Co., Ltd. established in 2011, The brand name of “FEETECH” is primarily based on the ideas of Flying, Customized Large High quality Manufacture Mould Maker Ab muscles Pp Pc Pa6 Molding Areas Plastic Injection Molding Service Exceptional, Effective and Technologies,are expert servo answer specialist, can supply digital style, construction design and production of a single-cease custom-made services,our imaginative staff is devoted to style & build a most perfect servo for all task. The items have been involved in RC models, logistics warehousing, urban security, sensible property, medical, navy, schooling, robotics and other industries. And has handed ISO 9001:2015 high quality management method certification and CE, RoHS, Punk Curb Cuban Choker Necklace Collar Statement Gold Color Chunky Thick Clavicle Chain Necklaces for Girls Jewellery Achieve certification. Specialized in ODM and OEM and Custom made Made 1.Your Logo lable or print 2.Servo Wire 3.Packing:PE Bag,Colur Box,plastic box wityyour Symbol 4.Cable connector 5.Personalized A variety of of extensive operating voltage servo FAQ

    limiter torque

    Choosing the Right Limiter Torque

    Choosing the right limiter torque is crucial to your safety and that of your loved ones. There are many factors that go into selecting the right limiter, and you need to take them into consideration before making your final decision.


    Using mechanical limiter torque is an ideal solution for protecting machinery and equipment from excessive torque. Overloads can lead to downtime and expensive repairs. This is because overloads occur when forces exceed the design limits of the mechanism.
    Mechanical limiter torque is designed to limit the output of the drive to a predetermined value. This means that when the torque exceeds the specified value, the device will disengage from the driven device. This allows the system to coast to a stop.
    Mechanical torque limiters are available in a wide range of sizes and can be used in virtually any application. They can be used in assembly lines, printing and converting machines, conveyors, industrial robots, and sheet metal processing equipment.
    There are two main types of mechanical limiter torque: shear pin and ball detent. Shear pin torque limiters use metal pins to couple two rotating bodies. The drive pawl is held in place by a spring. Ball detent torque limiters use a series of balls to transmit torque. Both have evolved from simple slip-clutch designs.
    Mechanical torque limiters are designed to provide a quick disengagement within milliseconds when torque overload conditions occur. They also provide a high level of accuracy and sensitivity. They can handle torque ranges of 40 to 24,000 in-lbs.
    Mechanical limiter torque can be reset automatically or manually. Some of the newer devices utilize special springs with negative spring rates. This allows the device to re-engage more quickly and easily when an overload condition occurs. The spring rate also eliminates breathing and false trips.
    The design of a mechanical torque limiter has evolved from a basic shear-pin or slip-clutch design. The new devices are more accurate and have less impact on the drive system. They also offer high sensitivity and a high level of safety.
    There are also several types of mechanical overload devices. Some of these devices use a single screw to adjust the release torque. Others have a ratcheting mechanism. Some are even flexible couplings that allow for small angular misalignments and parallel offsets.
    Choosing the right torque limiter is an easy way to protect machinery and equipment from overloads. With a range of designs to choose from, the right mechanical limiter can provide overload protection at an affordable price.


    Using an electrical limiter torque device is an ideal way to increase the reliability of electromechanical actuators, particularly when it comes to power transmission applications. These devices help dissipate rotational energy without causing damage to the driven device. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, including robotics and gear driving systems.
    When selecting a torque limiter, it’s important to choose one that meets your application’s needs. There are many types of limiters on the market, and each has its own benefits.
    The main advantage of an electronic limiter is that it can monitor and control torque overload. However, these devices are a bit cumbersome, and you will have to install many sensors and devices to make sure that the system is running properly.
    Torque limiters are also useful in cases where the driven device cannot absorb the full output torque. For example, if the motor drives a bottle capping machine, the motor may not be able to fully absorb the torque, and the torque limiter must be used.
    An electronic limiter torque device is not as effective as a mechanical one. In many cases, the motor controller may receive feedback from the shaft during an overload, but it will not immediately stop the over-torque part of the system.
    Torque limiters are also important for protecting the drive train from overload. An electronic signal can shut down the over-torque part of the drive system, and a limit switch is often included in the package. This allows the drive train to be tested automatically for proper operation.
    The most important feature of a torque limiter is its ability to separate the load from the drive. It can reduce the size of a drive train, as well as increase the efficiency of an electromechanical actuator.
    In some cases, an electronic limiter is able to act like a fusing mechanism, automatically resetting itself when it detects an overload. However, a mechanical one is usually the better choice for most applications.
    Torque limiters come in a wide range of sizes and styles. For example, there are ball detent type limiters, which may have compression adjustment or multiple detent positions. There are also synchronous magnetic, pawl and spring, and shear pin types.limiter torque

    Disconnect types

    Several types of disconnect torque limiters are available on the market. Some are electrical and require sensors to be installed, while others are mechanical and require no special devices.
    Mechanical torque limiters are a cheaper option. They offer better protection than most electrical methods and are less prone to premature wear. They can be installed in a wide variety of applications. They can protect machinery with rotating components, including gearboxes, pulleys, conveyors and assembly lines.
    Mechanical torque limiters can be either friction or magnetic. The friction type has spring loaded friction disks that slip against each other when the torque reaches a certain threshold. The magnetic type uses a magnetically susceptible material to create a magnetic particle clutch.
    Both types of torque limiters are designed to protect machinery from mechanical overload. Choosing the right type will ensure protection at a reasonable price. Mechanical torque limiters offer a faster response time and better protection than electronic methods.
    The friction type works like an automobile clutch. When the torque reaches a certain threshold, friction disks slip against each other to allow the torque to be transmitted. Mechanical friction limiters can be customized with a variety of outputs. They can also be adjusted manually. They are best suited for applications that experience a torque variance of less than 10%.
    A torque limiter is used in industrial robots to prevent damage. They are also used in woodworking machines, printing and converting machines, and conveyors. They provide complete operational safety and offer long service life. Torque limiters are also used in assembly lines. They can prevent larger incidents by limiting damage from crash stops and jams.
    Torque limiters come in a variety of designs, including pawl and spring, shear pin, and ball detent. The main difference between the types is how they disconnect.
    Pawl and spring methods use springs to hold a drive pawl in place against the rotor. Shear pins are the most commonly used type of disconnect torque limiter. They are inexpensive to produce and reliable. However, they can be difficult to control accurately.
    Ball detent type limiters use hardened balls or rollers in sockets that force the drive and driven elements apart when torque reaches a certain threshold. Ball detent limiters may need to be reset manually or automatically.limiter torque


    Having a torque limiter on your machine can prevent damage to your components and your machine from overloading. They also protect the motor and the gearbox from jams. They reduce the torque required to move a conveyor or prime mover.
    Torque limiters are found in all kinds of machine and processing equipment. They are especially useful in systems that require human interaction. They eliminate downtime caused by damaged components and eliminate the need for replacement parts. They are also ideal for applications that have a +/- 10% variance in torque.
    Torque limiters typically include a spring-preload control element that uses special methods to limit the backlash that can occur between a drive element and a control element. Some systems also offer a random reset device that allows the operator to choose a new setting to reduce the risk of overload.
    Another type of torque limiter is a friction type. This is a simple, low-cost method of overload protection. Unlike a shear pin, which requires lubrication, a friction type torque limiter operates much more accurately. When an overload occurs, the device breaks free before it hurts something. They are also more dependable than shear pins. The teeth on a friction torque limiter are aligned to mesh with each other and they are usually made of metal. They can also have bronze bushings for added strength.
    Electromagnetic torque systems are similar to pneumatic torque systems, but they use electric current to energize a magnetic coil. They are also spring-set. This type of torque limiter is more reliable than a pneumatic one. It also has fast switching functions.
    Torque limiters are usually found in industrial facilities, but they are also found in many commercial and consumer applications. Torque limiters can be used to couple gears, sprockets, motors, and even pumps. The size of the torque limiter will depend on the torque load and the machine cycle requirements. Some torque limiters are made to fit a single shaft, while others are made to couple several. Some types of torque limiters are made with a keyless locking mechanism to reduce the risk of backlash.
    China Feetech 2022 Newest 12V 20KG.CM full metal case steel gear Brushless Motor 360 Magnetic coding Small Serial Bus Servo     manufacturer China Feetech 2022 Newest 12V 20KG.CM full metal case steel gear Brushless Motor 360 Magnetic coding Small Serial Bus Servo     manufacturer
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